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Comp Summary:


The CSS comp will be a 5v5 double elimination comp, it’s scheduled to start at, it’s scheduled to start at 12:30pm on Saturday


- A double elimination ladder is then drawn up and teams are paired off and allocated servers. This will be displayed on the projector or on screens at the admin desks.


Subsequent rounds will be announced as the tournament progresses by either the Emcee or the Comp Admin


 Comp Maplist:







Comp Rules:

Maps are picked at random from the maplist


No hacking or map exploits are allowed.


Should a dispute arise (eg: a hacking accusation), we will view any screenshot or demo from the team making the accusation. The final decision is to be made by the comp head admin.


Note that without any proof, a hacking accusation may be dismissed, or in some exceptional cases, a rematch may be ordered.


Teams have within 5 minutes of the round announcement to get a member of their team into the server, otherwise they forfeit.


After 10 minutes of the original announcement, if there are 3 or less players in a team, the opposing team can come up to the front and have the game awarded to them if they wish. Teams of 4 are acceptable.


Comp Server settings:

Dedicated servers provided by SGL will be used and they will be using the latest metamod / sourcemod / zblock wih WarMod by Gametech



Финальные результаты

Победитель: Shrimpage
Достойный противник: instinct
Возможно в другой раз: Immune eTeam

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